Compared my life to a sea urchin dish tonight. Lots of things going on. Trying to make everything fit on the spoon. Once it is on the spoon and in your mouth there are all these flavors competing for your attention. Some are textured differently and some over-power others. All of this sensory overload. And after all of that? The taste? It’s just alright.


illustration: katsuhiro OTOMO

inu1941-1966 hapaism

raveneuse ieg


2014 self portrait cuz I play the drums in my new band :3

trashcanland cheeseburgeryouth


my recent demons @_@

voidpie typicaltypical


:/ ?

oucu fouur


torbjorn rodland “i am linkola” 2007

untitled-1991 theamericangod


basementlosers chaincult